Education and Outreach


Social Assistive Robotics
(Socially Intelligent Assistive Robotics)

This is a heavily research-focused class, for graduate students and senior undergrads potentially interested in pursuing a PhD or other research position. There are three main goals for students for this course:

  • To become familiar with a wide variety of research at the intersection of human-robot interaction and assistive robotics.
  • To learn about software tools, computational techniques, and ethical considerations that enable this work.
  • To build a strong foundation in research methods and prepare to be a successful robotics researcher in the future.

This class is currently being offered in Fall 2019.

Assistive Algorithms

This class will be more practice-focused, for graduate students and senior undergrads interested in developing intelligent assistive technologies. In this class, students will learn about the range of algorithmic approaches to sensing goal-directed human behavior, determining appropriate assistance, and providing that assistance. Through hands-on projects and assignments, students will become familiar with these techniques, in applications such as cognitive orthotics and reminder systems, socially assistive robotics, prosthetics, assistive manipulators and smart wheelchairs.

This class will be offered in Spring 2020.